Other Resources - First-time Homebuyer Info, Housing Listings and Agents, and More

First-Time Homebuyer Information

There are many steps to think about when considering purchasing a home for the first time:

  • Making sure your finances are in order;
  • Obtaining a mortgage pre-approval from a lender;
  • Finding a home that is affordable to purchase;
  • Applying for a mortgage.

A homebuyer class will help you figure out all of these issues and prepare you to purchase your first home. You can find a list of homebuyer classes and other homebuyer resources available in Massachusetts on multiple websites, including Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance (MAHA) and the Citizens' Housing and Planning Alliance (CHAPA).

Housing Listings and Agents

Most affordable homes are initially sold and rented by lottery agents. These lottery agents list units on their websites as well as the Mass Access and other websites. The following is a partial list of agents for your convenience :

Sudbury Housing Trust
MCO Housing
SEB Lottery
JTE Realty

State Services & State Agencies That Provide Housing Resources & Information

The Mass Accessible Housing Registry lists available accessible and affordable housing units accross Massachusetts. Units are required to be listed in this database, so it very comprehensive. Go to Mass Access Website and use the search parameters to narrow your selection.

Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance
The Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance is a non-profit housing organization that offers services for first time homebuyers, such as home buying workshops, credit counseling, budget counseling, etc. It also has an online searchable database of all affordable home ownership opportunities in the state.

Citizens Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA)
CHAPA is the non-profit umbrella organization for affordable housing and community development activities throughout Massachusetts. The CHAPA website provides a portal to many valuable resources.

Housing Search Guide for People with Disabilities
This guide provides information about searching for rental housing in Massachusetts for people who have one or more disabilities. Most of the information is also helpful to people who are low-income, but not disabled.

Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD)
The Department of Housing and Community Development supports the production of affordable rental housing, including units for persons with special needs, and the construction or rehabilitation of affordable homes and condominiums for purchase by income-eligible first-time homebuyers. DHCD provides information on obtaining housing assistance.

MassHousing is Massachusett's Housing Finance Agency and is one of the leading providers of affordable housing resources in Massachusetts. The agency also partners with an extensive network of approved lenders to deliver its home mortgage programs to first-time home buyers.

Massachusetts Housing Partnership (MHP)
The Massachusetts Housing Partnership (MHP) is a statewide public non-profit affordable housing organization that works in concert with the Governor and the state Department of Housing and Community Development to help increase the supply of affordable housing in Massachusetts. The MHP is a quasi-public agency that provides permanent mortgages for low-to moderate-income first-time homebuyers through their ONE Mortgage Program.