The Town of Lexington continues to make a commitment and investment to affordable housing. Lexington has met the State’s 10% affordable housing goal (see more here at Mass.gov), and they continue to look for creative ways to increase affordable housing opportunities.  The Town, through its Board of Selectmen, has supported many of these developments. Lexington’s housing goals are detailed in the 2014 Housing Production Plan. The primary entities responsible for furthering the Town’s housing goals are the Lexington Housing Authority, which owns and manages housing for families, seniors and persons with disabilities in Lexington, and the Lexington Housing Assistance Board (LexHAB), a nonprofit housing corporation that has developed multiple affordable housing properties in Lexington.

The Town of Lexington has developed an infographic sheet to provide an overview of housing issues and housing statistics in Lexington that interested Lexington residents can use as a resource.

Details on Lexington’s affordable housing inventory can be found in the Housing Inventory section of the RHSO website.