The Town of Sudbury continues to make a commitment and investment to affordable housing.  Of the 5,921 units of total year-round housing units in the town (from the 2010 Census), there are 669, or 11.30% that are counted as ‘affordable’ on the State’s Subsidized Housing Inventory (SHI) (see more here - ). The Town, through its Board of Selectmen, has supported many of these developments. The Town Board charged with facilitating affordable housing is the Sudbury Housing Trust.

Most (632 units or 94%) of this housing are rental units, but there are also 37 ownership units.  There are generally units in the pipeline which are added when they become available.  For rental housing, the town is able to ‘count’ all the units in the development as long as at least 20% meet the requirements from the State.  Sudbury surpasses that minimum rental requirement though, with 65% of its rental units available under the affordable housing programs.  This is made possible by the Sudbury Housing Authority which owns and manages 92 units of housing for families, seniors and persons with disabilities across its properties.

When a new census takes place in 2020, Sudbury's total year-round units will be re-calculated. The percentage of units that are counted as affordable on the State's SHI will therefore change. Click to view Sudbury's SHI 2020 projections.