The Town of Weston continues to make a commitment to and investment in affordable housing.  Weston has created an affordable Housing Production Plan, with the goal of identifying locations and opportunities to expand affordable housing options. Currently, of the 3,952 units of total year-round housing units in the town (from the 2010 Census), there are 151, or 3.82% that are counted as ‘affordable’ on the State’s Subsidized Housing Inventory (see more here - http://www.mass.gov/hed/community/40b-plan/ ). 

Most (140 units or 84%) of this housing are rental units, but there are also 25 ownership units.  There are generally units in the pipeline which are added when they become available.  Weston also has 2 deed restricted ownership units as part of its local program.  For rental housing, the town is able to ‘count’ all the units in the development as long as at least 20% meet the requirements from the State.  Weston significantly surpasses that minimum rental requirement though, with 91% of its rental units restricted under the affordable housing programs.