The Town of Weston continues to make a commitment to and investment in affordable housing.  Weston has not met the State’s 10% affordable housing goal (see more here at Mass.gov). Weston completed a Housing Production Plan in 2015 with the goal of identifying locations and opportunities to expand affordable housing options. The Weston Board of Selectmen has supported development proposals to increase the percentage of affordable housing in town, and continues to explore programs on affordable housing through its local housing entities - the Weston Affordable Housing Trust, the Elderly Housing Committee, and the non-profit Weston Affordable Housing Foundation, Inc. (WAHFI).

The Town of Weston has developed an infographic sheet to provide an overview of housing issues and housing statistics in Weston that interested Weston residents can use as a resource.

Details on Weston’s affordable housing inventory can be found in the Housing Inventory section of the RHSO website.